Unie příznivců Tradiční čínské medicíny

What we do and how we help

We connect citizens to protect and develop the use of traditional Chinese medicine methods and procedures.

We fight against the spreading of misinformation about the potential benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to the population of the Czech Republic, EU and NATO member states.

We represent citizens in public legislative proceedings. We assist in personal legislative proceedings. We ensure that legal standards are in line with the fundamental charters of citizens' rights and freedoms.

We strive to ensure that traditional Chinese medicine is available and can be used for those who want it to dynamically maintain their good health (homeostasis) based on their worldview, faith and free conviction.

Maintaining health is closely related to the protection of the environment because the human body lives from the food produced in that environment. One also draws air and energy from the environment. Pollution, but also the methods of growing crops and animal husbandry, undoubtedly affect our health.